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Custom HVAC Design & Build Services for Customers

The talented team at Mann Plumbing & Heating, LLC. plans and installs heating and air conditioning systems that ensure long-term efficiency and comfort for new buildings. We design and build HVAC systems for customers throughout cities and towns in South-Central Pennsylvania, such as Waynesboro, Greencastle, Gettysburg, and Chambersburg. Other areas in which we excel include gas installation, plumbing and excavating. Whatever project we’re working on, we always ensure your water pipes, gas line, and HVAC system operate as efficiently as possible. Our clients include a wide variety of businesses and institutions, including nursing homes, restaurants, schools, and other large commercial establishments. After 30 years of serving commercial and residential clients, we’ve built our expertise and skillset to make sure we can handle any type of HVAC project. Don’t leave your business’s heating and cooling systems in the hands of an inexperienced contractor with limited knowledge. Our seasoned professionals will create and install a system that suits your space for long-term performance.

HVAC installation

Designing Your Heating & Air Conditioning Systems

When it’s no longer cost-effective to repair your heating or cooling system due to its age or lack of efficiency, we’ll help you find a solution that fits your space and budget needs. Let our comfort consultants evaluate the comfort needs of your home or business and recommend equipment options to replace your system. The reason your heating and cooling system isn’t providing comfortable temperatures adequately is sometimes because the unit isn’t the right size for the space. When an AC (air conditioning) or heating unit isn’t big enough to handle the needed capacity, then keeping your home or building comfortable will be impossible. Our team will design a custom system that we engineer with load calculations for your space specifically, which will provide maximum comfort and save you energy over time.

Solutions for Your Duct Work

If you have undersized or leaky ducts, then your heating and air conditioning bills can increase significantly. Your HVAC equipment’s capacity will also reduce dramatically, and you’ll end up having problems with your indoor air quality. Our technicians perform thorough repairs to resolve your ductwork, or we can redesign it to optimize your airflow and ensure you won’t have any issues in the future. We’re the team you can count on in South-Central Pennsylvania for new ductwork to support your heating and air conditioning systems. We’ve spent decades installing air conditioning ductwork in homes and businesses, and we welcome the opportunity to do the same for you. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation. We’ll examine your system and ductwork and recommend the solution that suits your budget and comfort needs.

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